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11 Howard - review

Last time I was in New York I stayed at The Beekman which is an amazing hotel located in Financial District. This time we wanted to stay a little further up and ended booking 11 Howard which is located in Soho bordering with Chinatown.

If I was to describe 11 Howard with one word it would be ´fashion´. It is so trendy even the trendiest can feel out of style (and old). The staff dont wear uniforms and just pop up whenever you seem to need them, all in all service was great.

The Hotel was designed by Space Copenhagen and has a Scandinavian meets New York feel to it.


The hotel lobby just has a cool vibe to it, its dim, simple and check in is via ipad. The reception is on the second floor, but works more as a concierge desk. You enter into a lobby clad in fluted pale oak. The dim lighthing showcases a few key pieces of furniture, amongst them a Calder hanging from the ceiling.


On the second floor is where you find the common area of the hotel and the hotels bar ´The Blonde´. The Library is where the hotel guests can hang out during the day and where they serve complimentary coffee in the morning. Breakfast is also served here ala carte, we never ate here, but we did order it by roomservice one morning. They have a really good roomservice menu consisting of healthy and good food, however its expensive, so I would recommend heading to Jacks Wife Frieda just up the road.

I have been to The Blonde before so we didn't go there this time, but its a really great little bar and I love the interior of it.



That brings me to the rooms and here is where I was a little let down from a designers point of view. I design hotels for a living, so naturally I will notice more than their average hotel guest.

We booked a Howard Sr King which is an upgraded room with a view. And the view was really nice. However the room felt a bit cramped for two people. Interior was exactly like the photos showed and that is always nice, however they dont show the miniature closet space and mini bathroom. As a designer I know space is always limited and owners want to squeeze out every square meter/ft they can to make more money.

The bathrooms were beautiful and I loved the marble vanity and large shower, but space between the two were limited. On the plus side the minibar was well stocked with some fun surprises, large TV, fast wifi and the bed was super comfortable and large.

All in all a great hotel with perfect location (if you love downtown manhattan). But next time I go I will be looking for more space, more closet space, a room with coffee making facilities and a slightly larger bathroom.



(my stay was not sponsored - all photos from website)

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